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Looking for A Blog Design Service To Improve Your Website Ranking or Persuade Customer to Make a Purchase? We offer blog design services catered to your every business need.

Agog Over The Blog

Technocrati, a leading blog search engine has indexed up to 133 million blogs since 2002, and numbers are only set to increase further. With 300 million readers world-wide, and enough words to fill 3.2 million novels, blogs are an unprecedented global phenomenon that has entrenched itself into our consciousness. In fact, now with blogs discussing everything from tinsel-town, politics, marketing, finance, meteorology, the green movement, music, bad-parking, snow-boarding, designing or even cloud-spotting -  blogs seem to have unparallel influence over us. With video blogs (VLOGS), music blogs, photo blogs and ecommerce or corporate blogs inundating cyberspace now – it has been resilient enough to re-invent itself time and again, and it looks like they will be hanging around for some time more.

We love blogs for their low set-up cost, easy maintenance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendliness. With regular updates and the use of focused keywords, it's possible to get picked up by a search engine like any other web-site. For large companies, it gives them a personal platform to create a genuine rapport with their clientele, update them with company news and keep shareholders informed. Small businesses are also discovering the wonder of blogs – the ease of its interface, low-cost, instant publishing and interactive nature makes it an ideal choice for start-ups. Whether you're shipping paper-clips, or cupcakes, there's a world market at the click of a mouse.

Yes, if you are a business owner there are several reasons to be excited about the possibilities of blogs. Blogs have often made it to the mainstream – many of the most popular web sites in the world are blogs such as Huffingtonpost, TMZ, Boing Boing and Mashable. On the other hand, a business blog is a popular way to communicate with potential and existing clients. Sharing knowledge and allowing interaction facilitates branding process. You can also use the blog to manage or maintain your brand image, sell your products and services and introduce new company discounts or specials. Below are some of the many reasons you should consider creating and maintaining blogs.

Why We Love Blogs The Way We Do

  • Blog's easy maintenance
    Everyone can have a voice these days and make their opinions heard. Its easy deployment and maintenance means you are not pulling-out your hair and staying till the wee-hours to give yourself a web presence. And with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your own URL and platform to do as you please!

  • Cost-Savings
    If you do not already love it – it's also a cost effective way leaving your mark on cyberspace, leaving your balance sheet unsullied.

  • SEO Friendly
    Blogs are just like any other website; which means, the consistent upkeep and use of focused key words will get your blog picked-up by a search engine. And voila! Your readership goes through the roof and you're garnering more unique visitors than ever before.

    This is especially true for e-commerce websites which seldom change their product descriptions or websites with static content. By incorporating blogs into your product updates and reviews, you can be sure of meeting a web crawler or spider's appetite for fresh content and regular website changes.

  • Blogs for your marketing blitz
    Blogs can easily be another tool in your integrated PR/marketing/communications program. Activity on the blog including ROI, geographic traffic and comments, all create an opportunity for dialogue with the client and customer.
Why Blog with First Wish?

Customised Blog design and Development – First Wish provides customised web blog solutions that are pertinent to your organisation. From small businesses to SMEs, the blogs are part of our corporate packages  designed to complement your corporate image and your customer relations.

Easy Content Updates/Maintenance
: Through regular updates, we help organisations maintain strong ties with their clients and establish relationships with new ones. Give your company a ‘human face' and provide clients with relevant information and business updates.

Higher Visibility – Your blog need not reside in cyberspace obscurity. Work with our search engine optimisation (SEO) team to enhance your visibility and see your blog rise through page rankings into cyberspace stardom.

Increase Awareness & Conversion – Our past experience working with a range of businesses mean that we have the expertise to channel traffic onto your website, and facilitate conversion.
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