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What is Content Management System (CMS) you might ask?

Simply put, CMS is a web Content Management System or web application that is designed to help website owners manage and control a large amount of text content and images (HTML documents, pictures, videos etc) on corporate websites, e-commerce shopping websites or organizational intranet portals... and the list goes on. A well designed Content Management System can be the best tool you will ever need to update and publish web content onto your website without having to engage a professional development agency and enjoy substantial savings in cost, time and effort.

Why CMS matters to your business?

A customer's first impression of a company is often its website. Website content management can often be a time-consuming and tricky chore, albeit being of paramount importance for any business in this day and age. The upkeep of your website and the relevance of the website content is a reflection of your company reliability and constancy, yet how often have we come across websites showcasing invalid promotions, outdated corporate information or the dreaded of all “Under Construction” message which we have seen since last Christmas?

We understand how discouraging and daunting it can be for you as a business owner to update your website content without access to the proper resources to manage your website content. You are not alone. With a customized CMS system, you get to keep your website pertinent and effective, so you can stop wallowing in prehistoric content and get your website up-to date quickly.

Content Management System (CMS) empowers you to change, manage and publish content on your websites effortlessly and instantly. With CMS, changes can be made, viewed and reviewed real-time. With the convenience of CMS system, people can now update their website content in just minutes without getting assistance from any web designer. The best part about acquiring CMS is that zilch HTML knowledge is needed to update your web content and design. That's right- no technical know-how required or expensive software to purchase here.

At First Wish, we believe we can always provide a solution for every business wish, whether it is to manage your company's corporate press releases, latest promotions or your rapidly expanding clientele portfolio on your company website.

Examples of Content Management System Implementations

  • Media/ Press Releases
  • Latest Product/ Service Offer Promotions
  • Portfolio/ Gallery Content Management (for showcasing of completed projects or upcoming projects)
  • Products Specifications Download Library (with optional download tracking feature)
  • Multi-level security access for different management groups
  • Content searching capabilities across text, images, compressed files etc.
  • Multiple levels of content categorization and management
  • Restricting content management access to specific user group(s)
  • Content transformation and import to Content Management System before launching website
  • And more....

“If we want users to like our software we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful “ ~ Alan Cooper

Key Features of Our Content Management Systems (CMS)

    We love simplicity. Websites should be well designed and functional, so why shouldn't Content Management Systems? With CMS, your websites are designed to allow you a hassle-free and easy control over your website content with integrated WYSIWYG rich-text editor feature. Sign in to the administration area and modify content such as text files, links, images and multimedia. And that's not all. Change your website layout colours at whim, include new pages, keep track of site members, send out newsletters through e-mail and many more things you never thought you could do without the help of a programmer.
    Professional automated template designs that can be automatically applied to newly updated content, hence ensuring branding and design consistency throughout your entire website to achieve that sleek and professional image.
    Our CMS applications are integrated with database systems that allow you to organize and upload pre-saved photos, image files, video clips etc onto new web pages that you have built for your website to further enhance your website's user interactivity.
    The group based content permission application basically allows administrator of the CMS system to delegate and authorize an editable web content permission to the relevant department or person in charge.

Benefits of Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Virtually no cost in maintaining an updated website
  • Increase user interactivity and satisfaction with fresh, updated content
  • Increased business productivity- you no longer need to work with your IT department or vendor
  • Enhanced user experience with website content searching capabilities embedded in CMS
  • No limit to content you wish to edit or add
  • No technical know-how to manage CMS

Why First Wish?

Having an efficient CMS system designed and installed into your website is every astute business owner's First Wish solution to keep their websites updated in this ever-changing technological information age.

At First Wish Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver cost-effective professional and intuitive web site content management system packages that are tailored to the content and information architectural layout of your website.  Our CMS systems solutions are designed with secure, reliable and robust programming for a broad span of MNCs, SMEs and even start-ups, and customized for your particular needs, your industry's standards and most importantly, your targeted audience. Take your business to a whole new level with our content management solutions and give your customers a lasting impression – after all, you only have one shot at it.

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