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Portal Design and Development

What Are Portals?

Portal design is our specialty. A well designed portal can be a very powerful tool to draw a large group of people bound by a common interest.  What are web portals? Think Facebook, Yahoo. Web portals, unlike a conventional website, are your gateways to the World Wide Web - usually an immense and multi-faceted anchor point to the internet that can include search functions, news information, financial market updates, community forums, chat pages, quizzes and personal email amongst its various user functions. Yes, all that fun-filled stuff!

Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Facebook are just some of these ginormous public web portals that are constantly buzzing with large amounts of traffic. Their attractive and user-friendly interfaces, up-to-date news information and personalisation give users an excellent jumping-board to the World Wide Web. MyYahoo, iGoogle, myAOL even allow visitors to personalise their website content and favourite features, including stock prices, RSS, news feeds, comics, weather, TV listings etc. An apt description of a web portal would be that it's a little internet on its own.

Web portals often revolve around particular popular topics like football, travel, games or photography, where relevant news updates, community forums, resources and applications are available freely to users. Imagine a self-sufficient small town with like-minded people – web portals can be world wide platforms for lively discussion and a community building.

Government bodies have such extensive portals as well, with applications that are accessible to the registered public where they are able to access pertinent information. Banks and private companies often allow customers to log in and peruse their personal financial, while allowing access to latest financial tools and services. Other private portals include websites of universities that are a fount of academic information for its students, but also a space to facilitate interaction and in-house programs.

Here are some of the common portals that you may have already come across:   

  • Travel PortalWhether you're finding the best prices to New York or Shanghai, a cheap inn in Bangkok or a good Chinese restaurant in L.A., you can find it through such portals.
  • Matrimonial/Dating PortalMatrimonial portals are getting popular as more people look towards the internet to meet their perfect soul mates.
  • Learning PortalUniversities develop portals to give their students an opportunity to interact, discuss, form communities and share educational resources.
  • Job PortalUpload your resume from prospective employers to see, or look for an overseas internship. Job portals can be your gateway to a job of your dreams or a new career path. 
  • Real Estate PortalIf you're looking to rent out your apartment, find a dream house or a licensed agent, a real estate portal can do that and more.
  • Personal Interest Portal - Whether its trainspotting or something more conventional like photography, web portals now exist for pretty much everything we can think of.
  • News/Current Affairs PortalGet in-depth news analysis and get the opportunity to participate in forums with other who are as passionate as current affairs as you are. 

 Features of a Web Portal

 Benefits of a web or enterprise portal

  • Communication – Emails, personal messaging, forums, discussion groups, blogs and newsletters are amongst the many ways users can interact in a lively portal setting.
  • Customisation – Portals can painstakingly be designed to meet your own requirements and your targeted audience through various available packages. This includes contingencies for future expansion and possible loopholes, as well as evaluating your needs, the positioning and marketing of your portal.
  • Security - Multiple-level user access, data encryption, personalised information security measures ensure that company and personal information is always under lock & key.
  • E-commerce – Shopping cart, product catalogues, wish lists, inventory management and payment features that enhance conversion.
  • User-friendliness – Enhance usability with registration, special membership features, accessibility and profiles. User behaviour, conversion reports, user data management etc. 
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