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An online shop, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, web shop, online store, virtual store or online catalogue- however you call it, can be the most important tool your business will ever need for its business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

We formulate e-commerce solutions to cater to the specific needs of your online business – customized shopping carts, unique shopping experience, online privacy and security. We design and develop e-commerce solutions and shopping carts for any kind of e-business or online store web designs. It doesn't matter if you are building a new online business from scratch or seeking to increase conversion and sales of your already existing e-commerce site, we provide proven solutions in a highly competitive online marketplace.

“E-commerce businesses, even e-commerce specialists, have yet to realize that the WWW is first and foremost an emotional experience. Few websites reflect this important priority.” – Grant Fairley

Why bother selling online?

  • Increase in ubiquity

In traditional commerce, a marketplace is a physical place we visit in order to transact. However, e-commerce sites aren't beholden to the same rules as your traditional brick-and-mortar store and liberates the market from being confined to just a physical shop. Theoretically, an e-commerce store doesn't have to pay for the actual shelf space to stock a store or physically stock items in a warehouse. At a fraction of the cost of a retail shop, an online e-commerce/ retail store might be the best sales person promoting your business 24/7, 365 days a year and generating more sales than you can ever imagine.

Even for businesses with existing retail shops, an online storefront can definitely help your business reach out to an even wider, worldwide audience and boost sales. In fact, a well designed and maintained e-commerce site could be the leanest and meanest piece of order-taking, sales generation tool you'll ever need to create that competitive advantage for your business.

  • Global Reach

Simply put, an e-commerce website can make the world your oyster – a very large oyster! Not convinced?  Consider this: According to a report by Forrester Research, online sales will hit $329 billion in 2010 - a cumulative average growth rate over the next five years of 14%. Forrester predicts that revenues will continue to grow because online shoppers tend to have more money. And, driven by the convenience of being able to research via discussion forums, integrated blog entries and buy online at the same time, buyers are expanding their online shopping activities. Buying on the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. The online retail growth market will continue experiencing exponential growth.

If you have dreams of becoming the next internet tycoon, you'll need to transcend your local market and reach out to the world. E-commerce means you can now sell your products to someone living in Kuala Lumpur, Timbuktu, or even halfway across the world – anyone with a half-decent connection to the internet can now be converted to a paying customer. Basically, e-commerce is synonymous with MORE business.

Of course, it's one thing having an e-commerce website design and a completely different matter to compete with millions of businesses who have made their transition to the web. Fortunately, we are a web solutions provider with a plethora of novel ways that allow you to stand out in a global marketplace. We've enjoyed collaborating with a wide spectrum of businesses and enhancing their brands and efficiency to the stratosphere – but more significantly, we understand your business will need specially catered solutions to suit yours and your clients’ needs. E-commerce websites will also need ongoing maintenance or perhaps even a major website revamp to ensure that information is up-to-date. So, if you've ever wished to empower your business and have a professional web design that is intuitive and efficient – First Wish may just make you believe again.

  • Interactivity

E-commerce technologies are interactive as they allow for two-way communication between merchants and consumers. A simple interface and the hassle-free ease for a client to purchase products on your website can make a whole lot of difference to the number of online sales you garner. A natural flow from the selection process, to the shopping cart and eventual purchasing details, needs to be intuitive and uncomplicated to reduce the number of abandoned carts – can you imagine the colossal lost sales if your website showed an ‘error' page every time someone clicked on check-out? With a gazillion sites floating around in cyberspace, and little patience for inefficiency – most potential buyers will gladly move on.

Having a professional web presence often reflects well on a business – it's a clarion call to your clients and competitors to watch out and that you're serious about bringing your business to the next level. Communicate your company's core values, differentiate yourself from your competitors by positioning yourself differently through giving your brand a unique personality and voice, and establishing trust with your clients and targeting your audience.

All e-commerce websites want to sell very well, yet very few succeed. To succeed in internet e-commerce, your business needs a website which appeals to customers, promotes your products and handles business transactions securely. It should also be user-friendly and equipped with easy navigability. At First Wish, we have mastered the singular art of creating a business online that generates revenue, traffic, conversion, and loyalty.

“The web is the ultimate customer-empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is to go elsewhere; all the competitors in the world are but a mouseclick away” – Jacob Nielsen

Key features of our e-commerce package

First Wish Solutions' online applications provide customized e-commerce packages that facilitate the smooth and rapid construction and deployment of database-driven storefronts while meeting your business goals:

  • Customized web design to create the unique online shopping experience for your customers
  • Cutting-edge shopping cart/ online store to streamline operations and enhance usability
  • Complete customization to meet your unique business needs
  • Custom Shopping Cart: The Shopping Cart is specifically customized for your type of business and your particular requirements. An effectively catered shopping cart can decrease abandonment rate far below industry standards and thus enhance e-commerce sales.
  • Unique Shopping Experience: Your customers will be able to gain access 24/7 to your product line, as well as enjoy the ease and convenience of browsing and purchasing your products online.
  • Increased business productivity: With our unique and improved e-commerce solutions, you can reduce the time spent on promoting and merchandising your products, and investing them in other aspects of your business instead, hence yielding higher ROI.
  • Increased information density and richness: E-commerce technologies reduce information collection, storage, communication and processing costs. At the same time, these technologies greatly increase the accuracy and timeliness of information, making information more useful and important than ever. As a result, visitors of your site will find information more accurate and timely.
  • Privacy and Security: Visitors on your site are not likely to be converted to customers unless you can ensure their privacy and security – a prerequisite for online transactions these days.  In our team's capable hands, both your information, as well as that of your customers’, will be fortified.
  • Custom Solutions: Most businesses have different technical requirements that hamper the use of conventional E-commerce solutions available. We'll deliver specifically programmed applications that are specific to your requirements and needs.

In short, the benefits to be reaped from e-commerce are manifold, and can greatly boost your online business. A well-organized and intuitive shopping cart makes the online purchase of products more convenient and easier, and contributes to a speedier checkout. It also ensures that your customers are protected against internet threats such as hackers and spammers, ensuring that their personal information is kept confidential. These factors work in tandem to create a pleasant and unique shopping experience fro your customers. In turn, you will be rewarded with a higher business productivity and ROI.

You can also further empower your online business with available marketing services such as Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Viral Initiatives. At First Wish, we don't just build websites, we build businesses. Ensuring that your online business is a bona fide success is of paramount importance to us. What's more, we provide tangible results that include increased visibility and web presence, more traffic to your website and a larger ROI.

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