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Reservation Systems & Online Booking Solutions

Customers love the ability to make reservations on a whim, at any possible hour of the day.  With the convenience of online bookings available on e-commerce websites now, you can expect local customers as much as you can expect a booking from Alaska. Hotels, spas, golf-courses, inns, executive suites, tour companies and sports-halls all now utilize such software systems to facilitate reservations. Forget the hassle of staffing your reception all day and night. Online reservation solutions exhibit tools that enable you to save all that precious time and cost. An efficient system with a straightforward interface and intuitive options are more likely to convert customers from ‘lookers to bookers’, and will prevent an exodus from your website and the loss of sales.

Of course, if you like to be traditional, there’s always the tedium of log-books and the chaos of having scraps of post-its. An online reservation system is a must for industries that constantly receive an inflow and outflow of people and as we all know, in such an industry, businesses are expected to have exemplary service or risk the wrath of customers.

Do I need an online reservation system?

You’ll likely need it if the core of your business is in the hospitality, tourism or property industry. When you deal with people, you’ll want to ensure you have an efficient and consistent system installed in your operations. Can you imagine the chaos that occurs when the IT infrastructure crashes?

The hospitality industry is expected to have exemplary service and a smooth flow of operations, if they are to expect repeat business from a customer. So why not ensure that your business is safeguarded against a mess of overlooked reservations, over-booking and even dry periods of under-bookings.

Features of an Online Reservation System

Such solutions are often included in customised design packages to meet your own needs and improve your business efficiency. After all, it’s you who understands your business better than anyone else! Some features that you can improve your booking and reservation system are:

  • User friendly interface based on latest industry standards
  • Round the clock accessibility
  • Inventory management
  • Image view
  • Seasonal offers/discounts
  • Secured online payment gateway
  • Instant confirmation emails
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