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“You only get one chance to make a first impression”

The most integral part of your web presence is your website and it particular, your website’s design. It is your company’s ‘face’ on the web and the first impression you’ll be giving your clients or your prospective clients. To create the ideal website for your business, we believe you need to work with a web design company that can incorporate key facets such as usability, user-interactivity, effortless navigation, content value and an arresting design for you. Our track records say we can.

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In the earliest days of the Internet, as long as your website was stuffed like a turkey, with as much information as possible, you’ve done your job. Well, we’ve come a long way since. The web has progressed rapidly and beyond what we could have conceived at its onset. With the massive amount of information floating around in cyberspace, you’ll need to have a self-sufficient website. You wouldn’t want to diss your visitors and drive them back into cyberspace, or worst yet, your competitor’s website.

If your website design or interface is not organized or simply difficult to maneuver, you will turn off impatient clients who are more interested in more user-friendly and informative sites that quickly give them what they want. A poor website design is really a poor reflection on your business. And since it’s essential for businesses to have some form of online presence, why not make it a good one? 

Flashy web sites that take eons to load, excessively ‘cognitive load’, poor colour schemes and poor readability will have a visitor quickly shift his mouse towards the ‘close’ key on the page. From a visitor’s point-of-view, it may not be worth the hassle, especially with a myriad other websites in cyberspace.

Straightforward and professional website design with fresh content, an understanding of visitor needs, clear presentation and easy navigation will do much more to enhance your website’s attraction than larger labyrinth web designs.

Of course, years of experience have also taught us that “one man's meat is another man's poison”. This is why we always emphasize on an empathetic and collaborative approach with our clients to ensure that we truly understand their creative visions and translate them into tangible, functional and effective realities. At First Wish Solutions, we strongly believe that form should be synonymous with function. The final website needs to be more than a well-designed and visually appealing representation of our client's unique business identity and proposition. It has to be user-friendly, help our clients increase their target market share, generate more business revenue and deliver high returns on their investment.

What are the elements of a good web site design and development?

Web design
professionals generally agree on some principles of effective web design. And while aesthetics are important, a great web design is really more about seamless efficiency of the interface and its user-friendliness.  
Nonetheless a website is like a shop-front or a façade of building, it can determine whether a prospect will be walking-in or heading next door – so it has to be presentable. It’s an opportunity to create an online personality and give your clients a positive first impression of your business. 

Hence it’s paramount for a company to engage the services of someone who can both understand your business needs, as well as enhance the experience of a visitor. These are some general tips for an effective web design.

Have a clear purpose or target in mind: If you are selling skate-boards, you probably wouldn’t want your site to look anything like that of a distributor of industrial gas. Know what your clients expects, and ensure works to enhance your business image.

Good structure:  It’s advisable not to confuse your visitors the first time they come across your site! Keep it clean, structured and consistent so your visitors can make sense of your site easily. It all boils down to logical information and architecture, consistent design, colour and fonts to ensure uniformity throughout your entire website.

Our rationale is simple. Technology should always serve humans (not the other way round!). Why waste your time and money to design a website if it is not going to help your business leverage off the power of search engines? Whether it is to build a better business branding, get more sales leads, ranking higher on search engines naturally helps you to better achieve your objectives.

Navigation: Your web design really comes down to this- easy to use navigation. Navigation can either make or break your site. It’s better not to have too many or too little options or they tend to lose their effectiveness. It’s often better to stick to common recognizable options like ‘about us’, ‘products’ or ‘contact us’. It’s likely that the increased navigability within your site will encourage someone to navigate to and fro your website pages.

Search Engine Friendliness
: In plain English, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply means optimizing your website to rank better in natural search results of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, for a set of targeted keywords.

It’s really no rocket science. SEO is a fundamental part of your website design and development. In fact, at First Wish Solutions, we always emphasize and incorporate SEO guidelines into our web design and content development to ensure that the final product is search engine guidelines-compliant.

Our rationale is simple. Technology should always serve humans (not the other way round!). Why waste your time and money to design a website if it is not going to help your business leverage off the power of search engines? Whether it is to building a better business branding, get more sales leads, ranking higher on search engines naturally helps you to better achieve your objectives.

Keep yourself up-to-date: Whether it’s latest breaking news from your industry, new product you’re launching or that your cocker spaniel just had puppies – you don’t want your visitors to feel like they’ve come across a page from the early 90s! With web design features getting more sophisticated, it’s advisable to keep your page looking somewhat respectable. Some sites being developed these days have at least basic flash installed.

Why work with First Wish To Design Your Company Website?

While it’s important for a business website to look presentable, winning design awards should not be its primary goal. Instead it should be designed with the particular business type and its clients in mind.  First Wish Solutions offers these customized web solution packages catered to both yours and your clients’ needs.

How do we work? We’ll conduct a comprehensive study into your company needs, the best positioning for your online business and the image you would like to relay to evoke a customer response. Our experience allows us to anticipate the concerns of your end-user. We’ll evaluate existing sites and do a competitive analysis to ensure you have all areas covered. From attractive flash websites to customized e-commerce web designs, we’ll send you out into the world armed with all the web goodies to survive! 

According to internet trends, a consumer would have roughly made three visits to a website before purchasing anything. This means your website should be able to sustain interest, generate trust and ensure your customer can easily find what he is looking for. The only thing a bad website design will create is a mass exodus!

With our extensive experience working with a spectrum of businesses, we have understood what it takes to strive in cyberspace. So, why not bring your website and business to another level by an effective planning, designing and implementation of your website?

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