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SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing (SEM) are sponsored listings that appear on a search engine results page (SERP) when a relevant search is conducted. SEM is a totally different ballgame from giving your website a SEO overhaul, but nevertheless both SEM and SEO are often a collaborative effort to market yourselves over the web.

SEM generally refers to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This means, when somebody types ‘collectible vinyl album’ and you have marketed yourself accordingly, a link to your website appears alongside the organic listings. Try typing a keyword related to your business on any of the various search engines.  Chances are you will find your competitors already listed there. And do you know what that means?  Your prospective customers have already become your competitors’!

With traditional media advertising you have NO control over who eventually sees your advertisement. Worst yet, compiling user response and effectiveness is a tricky task. Search engine marketing placement hands you a targeted audience on an e-platter. While above-the-line media marketing has its place yet, it can be a relative anachronism next to latest search engine marketing tools, including conversion tracking and analysis.

Search engine marketing is not a new web marketing tool, though it has suddenly experienced an unprecedented growth thanks to its ease of use and its amazing effectiveness in reaching a targeted audience. An effective SEM strategy is yet another means that will eventually transcend you to a Zen-like state beyond the dread of cold-calling, innumerable meetings - and instead, allow sales leads to fall like manna from heaven.  

How could Search Engine Marketing  (SEM)/ Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  help my business?

SEM Pay-per-click (PPC) is a very effective tool to channel further traffic to your website. With customers lined-up and scouring the web for resources (it is estimated 70% of searches are conducted by people looking to purchase something) – SEM allows you to position yourself so you’ll never have a sales slip through your fingers. While your site gains more credibility, it’s likely that your organic listings will rise as well. If you’re indeed planning to promote your business or website, SEM marketing strategy should be foremost amongst your web marketing strategy. Here are some further attributes of SEM.

Visibility: Be seen alongside organic listings on search engine results page (SERP).

Targeted audience: It’s a marketer’s dream; people are already searching for your product when your link appears, and all you need to do is to channel them to your website.

Cost-effectiveness: With pay-per-click (PPC) your link may appear on a SERP, but unless it is clicked on by a prospective customer you will not be charged. Each click can even be thought of as a potential sale. Each keyword can cost as little as $0.12 every time it’s clicked and it’s possible to cap yourself so you don’t exceed your daily budget. You can even set the hours in a day when you would like your ads to appear and target specific geographic areas.

Easy to control & enhance:
A PPC campaign can be easily fine-tuned according to what works best for you. Track which keywords work for you and which are flops – there are tools in place that allow for quick changes to your campaign.

David triumphs Goliath:
We know how that story went. With pay-per-click, you can stand amongst your competitor’s big corporations or multi-store franchise even if you’re just operating out of your mom’s attic.

World market:
Seriously, which business wouldn’t like a piece of this sumptuous pie? Your buyers are not limited to national boundaries and if you choose, you can be just as accessible to someone from New Guinea or Dharamsala.

Instant gratification: Everyone of us from the instant noodle generation understands this. We want instant results, and with PPC you can be up and running in less than an hour!

Local audience: Target specific local audience by pre-selecting a geographic location. If you’re a floral business that delivers bouquets and hampers in Singapore, you can enjoy the flexibility of targeting your customers from only Singapore

Why First Wish Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services?

First Wish Solutions will help you examine the best means for you to channel your targeted audience to your site; this includes increasing your visibility to your searchers by utilizing important keywords.

With our effective SEM techniques and packages, we can help businesses increase their competitiveness over the web marketplace. We can also assist you in determining the best positioning of your business by analyzing conversion data and your web traffic.

Having already worked with a wide range of businesses to develop their online presence and competitiveness, we understand what a vital part of it really is to attract and establish rapport with customers, and what it takes to convert them into long-term relationships.


Q: What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

A: Search Engine Marketing or commonly referred to as SEM refers to advertising programs on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, that let you advertise on their search results. Your advertisement only shows for the relevant searches, i.e. when people type in the relevant keywords related to your business. You pay ONLY when someone clicks on your ad, hence, the term “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC).

Q: Why should I use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to promote my business?

A: Because it's cheap. You choose your own advertising budget and bid per keyword, which means you can start from as low as $0.12 per click. You get to set and control your daily budgets. There is absolutely no fear of overspending. You choose your own demographic setting, which means you decide who gets to see your ad.

Q: Wow! I'm convinced. How do I start?

A: Give us a call at 6440 9570 today for a quote. We have packages designed to manage your SEM campaign for a monthly fee. In return, you get copywriting, copyediting, keyword analysis, campaign setup, landing page advice, professional monitoring and fine-tuning and performance reports.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is no easy feat. We should know. We have been doing it for years. We know when to do it, how to do it. More importantly, we are bona fide marketers at heart, hence we understand what and how consumers generally think when they're searching for your business.

Our track records also mean you get a peace of mind when you leave your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to us. You're a business owner and we sincerely believe the bulk of your time should be spent on generating your income instead of worrying over your campaign setup or monitoring your keywords performance.

If you would like to request for a quote, please feel free to drop us an enquiry to enquiries@firstwishsolutions.com or simply call (65) 6440 9570 today.

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