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Intranet/ Extranet Solutions Development & Design

First Wish Solutions provides Intranet Design, Intranet Setup, Intranet with Content Management System (CMS), Intranet Configuration and Extranet Deployment to provide companies with a common platform for efficient information sharing, boost productivity and foster corporate identity amongst employees.

For the benefit of our non-techie peers, the intranet is simply defined as a private or insulated network of computers within an organization that utilizes internet protocols and processes. Its main function is to share information and resources through a common knowledge base and storage - facilitating communication and group work.

Intranet websites can either be viewed through company desktops or a Virtual Private Network (VPN), while securing it from those who don't have approved access with a firewall. An extranet in contrast, like its name suggests, enables controlled outside access for the exchange of data and information between workgroups, suppliers, business partners etc.

Both small and large corporations have adopted such intranet tools and solutions to enhance convenience, connectivity and productivity amongst their employees. From emails, to storing document templates and financial statements, and having administrative functions like a meeting room bookings and shared calendars.

How an Intranet/ Extranet System can help your business

Customized intranet design and development solution packages can include a wide spectrum of high-tech features designed specifically by our programmers to meet your corporate needs. With an array of easy to use tools, the intranet can vastly benefit a company by improving effectiveness and productivity. For example, by increasing the collaboration and communication between your staff working a particular project through its suite of knowledge sharing, JIT publishing, virtual team working features. The company benefits by this increased communal work ethic, but also by the cross-fertilization of ideas and inputs.

Its plethora of functions can include communication tools like newsgroup transmission, knowledge base, its own navigational system, and chat facilities, or more generic tools like corporate client information, shared calendars, departmental data section, internet resources etc. With a content management system, it becomes a breeze to update and publish relevant information.

Its relative low cost compared to traditional client server systems becomes a consideration when you realize that a simple desktop computer can be outfitted with an intranet application. The ease of communication also reduces travel and telephone overheads. So gone are the days of precarious piles of documents, in and out trays and office bedlam. An effective intranet infrastructure can save cost, improve efficiency and promote corporate culture

Key Features of Intranet System Management

Company intranet systems allow a quick dissemination of relevant information that can enhance the decision making process and promote more efficiency. Companies can adopt unique or customised functions that are consistent with its requirements and enhance internal practices with features like intelligent business workflow improvement systems, case management systems and other enterprise centred applications.

  • Controlled Access
    Sensitive information like employee records should always be kept under lock and key. A more sophisticated user management system will allow for different levels of access, ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed to access private information.

  • Common Database
    It's the most basic and common function but also the most important. Employees having easy access to information they need like the employee directory (department classification, designation, phone number and email addresses etc), names of vendors, company policies or client details to make quick real-time decisions. A company can also publish most of its information on the intranet web pages which are accessible to authorized personnel.

  • Intranet Design Usability  
    Customized features that pertain to your business type are a prerequisite in ensuring usability by company employees. Its interface and dashboard have to exhibit a natural flow and user-friendliness, especially if clients will be accessing your database. A Content Management System (CMS) in place ensures that you can easily update and keep your intranet relevant.

  • Office Intranet Tools
    A centralized scheduling and events calendar will ensure no one misses a meeting or project deadline ever again. Those concerned will also be tagged in corporate events, client meetings or get-togethers. Foster communication between your staff. Discussions that would usually never occur can even be held across horizontal or vertical departments within more informal settings.

  • Discussion Forums
    Excellent platform for exchanging and cross-sharing of ideas and feedback for any topic, ranging from streamlining sales operations to feedback on the implementation of the latest HR policy.

"We don’t get hired to make pretty things or win design awards. We get hired to solve business problems" – James Bradley


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